CourierNet offers all-in-one technologies that bring convenience, reliability and transparency into every order. Using online order management, CourierNet makes doing business extremely easy for our customers and is providing thousands of users with:

  • Real-time order entry and tracking
  • Continuous information of in-process deliveries
  • Stored data – commonly used pickup and delivery points for recall during order entry
  • Increased productivity – no phone calls
  • Increased accuracy of orders – no miscommunications

Once a package is delivered, CourierNet customers know through email confirmations, which are sent as they happen. In addition, electronic signatures and P.O.D. data can be sent for client reference (if needed).

When it comes to delivery optimization, CourierNet is committed to understanding and knowing the best routes so that every customer receives the most efficient service at the lowest cost. For instance, when a customer requests that a scheduled location either be added or removed from an existing route, CourierNet engineers use advanced route optimization software to analyze the entire network to find any possible savings. In addition, we periodically review all policies, procedures and technologies to continually look for ways to improve costs, delivery times and productivity across all markets. By working with CourierNet, a customer receives the best technology the industry has to offer without hassles and for the best price possible.