• On-Demand Deliveries

    For anything that needs to be rushed across town, CourierNet provides an on-demand service for a variety of industries and locations. Whether it is a letter, lab specimen, or something large enough to fit into a freight truck, the company’s dynamic fleet can make a variety of deliveries anywhere within 1 to 4 hours of getting a call.

    Unlike our competitors, CourierNet is uniquely structured to handle the variability that comes with same-day rush deliveries. Every employee, from our executives to our dispatchers, is trained and has a goal to provide customers with the flexible and reliable service that allows businesses to meet their most pressing deadlines. And while many competitors automatically charge for a rush delivery if an order is placed after 3 p.m., CourierNet does not. In fact, CourierNet operates on-site 24-7-365 in order to service all of our customers, whenever they need us.

    To access CourierNet’s on-demand service, call to set up a pick-up. If you are an existing customer, use the online system and get us moving.

  • Scheduled Deliveries

    Very often, businesses are working against the clock—meeting deadlines, clearing warehouses, getting shipments and correspondence delivered on-time. To help these customers, CourierNet works one-on-one to develop a customized service schedule to meet the most pressing demands. From the time a schedule is made, count on company drivers to make every pick-up and every delivery according to plan with no surprises. CourierNet also has a very loyal staff of drivers, which means customers often work and become familiar with the same people day-in and day-out.

    Whether the pick-up time is once-a-day, once-a-week, or several times throughout an afternoon, CourierNet can create an optimized route schedule to meet the need. Call today to discuss your schedule with one of our account managers.

  • Dedicated Driver Solutions

    At times, customers have delivery needs that are infrequent, but high in volume. That’s to say that when deliveries do need to be made, they often have a lot of them at once. Working with CourierNet’s dedicated driver service provides these customers with an experienced fleet that can keep a business running at its best. Dedicated drivers may also reduce overhead by providing a service that avoids the costs and hassles that come with maintaining a fleet.

    To find out driver rates, or to schedule a dedicated driver, please contact a local account manager. CourierNet currently utilizes more than 500 drivers, who are the most reliable in the industry. Every day, they work directly with customers to meet their most pressing demands.

  • Facilities Management

    Managing a warehouse, or any other facility, can be expensive. Not only that, they take up time, which would otherwise go towards managing the business. For customers who either need help operating a facility, or perhaps just a little assistance during a reorganization or expansion, CourierNet provides facilities management. With over a decade of experience, CourierNet has developed the reputation for efficient operations, and by working with a company representative that expertise can be made available to a customer. Call an account manager today to learn more.

  • Freight

    For those really big hauls, customers depend on CourierNet’s fleet of heavy freight trucks to collect and ship their orders. CourierNet’s Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer service provides our customers with any type of vehicle they require for all their distribution needs. While CourierNet operates primarily in the Southeast United States, the company can make deliveries nationwide. For more information about CourierNet’s fleet of freight trucks, or to get a quote on our Tractor Trailer service, call to speak with an account manager today.

  • Next Flight Out

    Sometimes customers have a package going across town and another going across the country. Because of flexible operations, CourierNet can manage nationwide same-day deliveries, along with any other delivery demand. Through Next Flight Out, call or place an order online and CourierNet will direct a driver to make the pick-up. Call an account manager for rate quotes and delivery times to any domestic destination.

  • Warehousing

    When customers have excessive materials, products in storage, or have a facility undergoing a renovation, CourierNet has warehouses ready to meet the need. Each local warehouse is managed efficiently to keep costs low and is equipped with the security to keep items safe. CourierNet can store materials, create an inventory and ship items according to whatever schedule, using a well-managed fleet of dock trucks and cargo vans. We can also expedite freight locally or anywhere in the United States. To learn about CourierNet’s warehouses, call today and speak with an account manager.