Quality Assurance Program

CourierNet’s fleet is extensive and consists of over 500 drivers, who each carry a minimum of 5 years of experience in the shipping and distribution industry. What that means for a customer is total assurance that all pick-ups, deliveries and customer support services is tended to by the best and most experienced staff in the industry.

To ensure that every element of the business performs at its best, CourierNet maintains a Quality Assurance Program where each employee strives for complete satisfaction for every customer on every order. To do this, operational performance is measured daily with a goal to deliver 100 percent of all packages on-time. In addition, CourierNet makes sure that each driver treats every package as a priority. After more than a decade of doing business, CourierNet can proudly say that it hits on these metrics better than any competitor. This is one reason the company has been able to rapidly expand into multiple states throughout the years and another reason CourierNet is a two-time Pacesetter Award winner.

Another reason CourierNet has experienced rapid growth and success is our most important asset – our employees. Since CourierNet was founded, a key principle has been to create a work environment that fosters learning, development from within, and equal opportunity. Employees are also cross-trained to increase efficiency across the company’s various operations, which also drives down costs and makes it so that any one of CourierNet’s personnel can adapt to the needs of the customer. It may seem simple, but it takes a firm commitment to meet every expectation.

Through a keen eye on customer needs and employee development, CourierNet is the courier partner of choice. Call an account manager today and inquire about our Quality Assurance Program.