Industry Solutions

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare providers rely on CourierNet to transport a variety of time-sensitive materials, including routine specimens, blood products, medical equipment, residential deliveries for medicine, and dialysis and home infusion therapies. All drivers know how to manage these substances, with a particular focus on proper handling, documentation of the chain of custody, temperature controls, patient confidentiality (HIPAA) and regulatory requirements. CourierNet also specializes in pharmaceutical delivery and follows all standards and practices to deliver these items fast, safe and with 100 percent transparency. Read more about these service offerings below, and contact a local account manager to learn more.

  • Legal and Architectural Design

    Every business has time sensitive materials, but perhaps none more than in the legal and architectural professions. Whether it’s a legal document that needs to make it to the courthouse by noon or a whole set of revised schematics that need to arrive at the construction site, these deliveries often need to be made fast and with total confidence. CourierNet is the company of choice for these customers, since it operates with the best drivers and most dynamic fleet to make these pick-ups and deliveries in a manner these professions rely on. Legal documents, courthouse filings, subpoenas, construction plans, blueprints—you name it. Contact a local account manager, or place an order online, and we will deliver these items with the speed and accuracy our customers have come to expect.

  • Financial and Banking

    When it comes to money, it’s reliability and confidence that financial institutions rely on to keep their businesses operating at their best. Just as banks process deposit slips in a timely fashion, and brokerage firms place buy and sell orders every minute, they too rely on their documents to be delivered quickly and with total security. CourierNet does this for its financial and banking customers, so much so that many of these clients rely on the CourierNet workforce to keep their markets running smooth. Whether it takes developing a scheduled service, performing rush deliveries or distributing multiple parcels to multiple locations, CourierNet is dynamic enough to do it all and do it fast.

  • Commercial

    Commercial businesses make up some of CourierNet’s biggest customers. Every day the company serves hundreds of these businesses in different industries, including retail, manufacturing and privately-owned companies. To ensure that CourierNet’s workforce can manage this variety of clients, CourierNet tracks key performance data on a daily basis and will share that information with the customer. That means complete transparency, which is something many competitors won’t do. CourierNet does it because it has shown to increase satisfaction and retention for retailers, which translates to better business results. Just as customers rely on these commercial businesses to fill their needs, many industries rely on CourierNet as a partner of choice. Contact a local account manager to learn more.

  • Office Products

    It might be a couch, a desk or something as small as a bundle of paper. Whether a customer is moving offices, expanding into new areas, or undergoing a renovation, CourierNet is a one-stop shop for both distributing their documents, as well as moving their office products. Customers can also count on the company’s more than 500 drivers to handle everything with total care—no nicks, scratches or otherwise damaged products. Call a local account manager or place an order online to get these items to where they need to go.

  • Automotive Parts

    Just like the courier business, the automotive business often deals with different cars and different parts every single hour. The morning might require transmission parts for a foreign car, while the afternoon requires gaskets for an American pick-up. To keep garages and other repair facilities operating, CourierNet can develop effective supply chains for automotive supplies. The company can also work directly with a supplier to keep a business running smooth. In addition, CourierNet uses advanced scanning technology that allows customers to track the flow and distribution of their automotive parts, allowing them to stay on-top of everything. It’s something customers depend on and something CourierNet provides every day.

  • Mail Distribution

    If your office has a high volume of mail, and no effective way of managing it all, CourierNet can bring more than a decade of experience into your mailroom, helping to organize and keep your business at its best. If correspondence and volume are high, outsourcing your mailroom to CourierNet may be the first, and perhaps most important step, towards a distribution chain that works for you. Call a local account manager today to learn more and to get a quote.